Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ustazah Asni Mansor talks on Maulidur Rasul at lembah Bujang, Merbok

“Love the Prophet, brought to heaven”
The essence of the talks from Ustazah Asni Mansor

Every year we celebrate the birth of a great human, that is Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), but the "quality" of being muslims, regardless of the old or young still not boast. The answer is because we are not practicing the Sunnah of the Prophet. 

We as a people that are following the Prophet Muhammad have an important responsibility towards our religion. We need to continue to spread the teaching of Islam as the prophet has done in many years ago. We also have a great book called “Al-Quran” that containing many of wisdom inside it.

One the advantages of being the “umat” of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is we be able to obtain the “syafaat” from prophet while we are being collected at Padang Masyar at one condition, we need to perform the “selawat” all the time. Allah SWT said in the Quran, “Allah and His angels always bless the Prophet. O ye who believe, bless and salam to the Prophet” Surah Al Ahzab, verses 56.

The entire companion loves the Prophet Muhammad so much. For example the story of Saidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq story, at that night, the Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr had been sleeping in a cave of Thur , the Prophet  had laid his head on the thigh Abu Bakar. Abu Bakar let him sleep on his legs thighs and did not move his legs because he does not want to bother the Prophet. Suddenly the foot of Abu Bakar was bitten by venomous snakes. In enduring the pain and sorrow that bites, Abu Bakar had shed tears and the tears were dripping down the cheek of Prophet, and makes woke up. By saw Abu Bakar wept, Prophet kept asking why he was crying, Abu Bakar told that his leg had been bitten by a snake and could not hold back pain due to the bites. Hearing the answer, the Prophet continued to spit and wiped effects of the bites, it bites directly effect almost immediately and no more pain because of the holy Prophet miracles.

Ustazah Hasni also talks on the time that the Prophet on his last breath, he still said “ummati,ummati” meaning that “my people, my people”. This show that how much the Prophet love and care toward his “umat” and the Prophet (pbuh) afraid that we will lose and choose the wrong path in this world that fill with much of tribulations.

Last but not least, Ustazah Asni remind us if we are the true follower of prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we need to practice all the sunnah and of course the obligations as a muslim. In addition, we need to take a good care of our parents while they still alive and always do the good deed towards them at the same time always seek for Allah’s blessing as well as the “syafaat” from the prophet by perform the “selawat” all the time.

 By A. Azman

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