Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stress:Companies Can Kills...

We as ordinary human cannot run from being stress. Stress is one of "emotion disease" or "mental disease" that everyone will feel and experience about it. Some said that even childrens can suffering this freaking stress. This kind of mental disease (my own idea) will make someone cannot control their lifestyle and emotion because of many internal and external factor that influences. Sometimes, if the stress come out so badly, its can kill silently.

I'll bring you to verify this real case. It is based on information in a legal complaint filed with the courts. Only names and certain have been changed to protect the identities of the parties involved.

After graduated, Roger Berman joined the company as a management trainee. He working hard and eventually, he became manager of a large department in particular giant corporation. With a salary of about 50,000 dolar, his job requiring more and more his time that including of evening and weekend hours.The pressure became so great until he asked several times to have his work lightened. Unfortunately, nothing changed.

After 30 years working with that company, he decided to take early retirement to escape from his strain of his job. But his superior manage to talked to him to stay on and promising to lightened his job. he agreed but again, tha same problem happen again.He discovered that he cannot take early retirement anymore because he was not eligible.

By day to day, his work makes him anxious about his ability to accomplish his job. Roger Breman were suggest to refer with psychiatrist. report was told that Berman's mental health was "precarious" will be more impaired if there was not relief in his work.But, apperantly, nothing changed.

On January 31st ,1979, Roger Berman was found died in his garage with motor still running, after he came back from work. The autopsy report  listed caobon monoxide as the coz of the death, but in this case "cause" is a matterof some dispute.His wife is suing his former employer for 6 million dolar, claiming it caused her husband's deatn by failing to respond to his repeated complainta of overwork. The case raises the question that whether an employer can, in effect, by its own action or inaction, kill with stress.

Resources; On the lecturing session (Organizational Behavior)

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